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Connie's Clay of Fundy Handthrown SRaku and Porcelain Pottery
Clay of Fundy Unique Raku Pottery
Click to see our gallery in East Machias Maine.
Connie's Clay of Fundy Home Beautiful hand thrown porcelain dinnerware. Custom Tiles and Installations Hand thrown sinks Click here for ordering info, directions to the Gallery and more. Pottery and non pottery related links.
Clay of Fundy  Candle Holders, Jars, Vases and More!
Connie's Clay of Fundy Handthrown SRaku and Porcelain Pottery
Click on the pots in the Gallery for close up images, prices and more details.

You are welcome to enjoy a Studio Tour to see how our work is made. You'll see Connie and her apprentices using several claybodies, slab and handthrown wheel techniques, hand brushed decoration, glazing and firing.
The Gallery offers a wide range of choices for raku connoisseurs. Lighthouses, Vessels, bowls, votive candles, Ikebana vases, nightlights and lamps can fill your special niche.

Fascinating and devilishly difficult to produce, Raku pottery that Connie designed is on view. Her art pottery will either beguile or bewilder you. You may get lucky and watch raku pottery being fired! In an outside kiln, the pots are quick fired to red hot and are removed from the kiln with tongs to a reduction chamber. There the pots burn wood shavings in an atmosphere without oxygen, using the oxygen of the pot, thus creating incredible colors or black crackle patterns. One never knows how the pots will turn out.

Functional highfire ware is a specialty and a mainstay. Connie makes a great variety of shapes and sizes as well as colors and patterns. The Blue & White pattern is an all time favorite, but Ocean Mist (blue & green), and our new Tangerine pattern are great sucesses.

All work is very durable and is safe for use in the dishwasher, oven and microwave.


The work represents 26 years of full time potting. Pottery which Connie designed to be useful and visually striking. No wimp pots allowed. Everyone needs a good mug, bowl or vase, and then you’ll find pieces few others have--- berry bowls, dinky dips, water fountains, and Ikebana vases. From small ringboxes and oil candles, to large lamps and place settings, the stop will be worth it. All dinnerware is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Mugs Mugs Mugs!
Oil candles, soap dishes and spoon rests.



The seconds and discontinued shelf is a must for bargain hunters.
The "Turtle Bowl Mistmaker" is $400 and gorgeous art pottery at it's best.

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